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Qaf. I swear by the glorious Quran (that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah)
Nay! they wonder that there has come to them a warner from among themselves, so the unbelievers say: This is a wonderful thing:
What! when we are dead and have become dust? That is afar (from probable) return.
We know indeed what the earth diminishes of them, and with Us is a writing that preserves.
Nay, they rejected the truth when it came to them, so they are (now) in a state of confusion.
Do they not then look up to heaven above them how We have made it and adorned it and it has no gaps?
And the earth, We have made it plain and cast in it mountains and We have made to grow therein of all beautiful kinds
To give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns frequently (to Allah).
And We send down from the cloud water abounding in good, then We cause to grow thereby gardens and the grain that is reaped
And the tall palm-trees having spadices closely set one above another
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